Wandering is a mile marker on the long journey of my life in music. It is a reflection of the present moment but also of the time since Kimbrough & Company’s first studio session, Initial Public Offering in 2007. Incalculable changes have taken place in this period; the loss and emergence of loved ones, economic and political shifts, hardships, triumphs and the general ebb and flow of Chicago. Life, informed by an open, studious mind, is the major contributor to this album. 

Then, there are these great men and musicians who contributed their invaluable time to make Wandering happen. Chris Carani deserves special mention for his arrangements, bass, voice and continued dedication to Kimbrough & Company. He’s the only musician here also recorded on Initial Public Offering and a constant inspiration. Ben Scholz, Chris Neal, Chris Mahieu and Kurt Schweitz all rose to the occasion on this recording. They produced beautiful music, played from their hearts and my gratitude to them is immeasurable. Our patient, knowledgeable engineer, Dan Stock, also deserves special accolades. 

Beyond measure is the blessing we have of intrinsic support from family, friends and fellow musicians. It’s always difficult to compile the names of those who support, inspire you in an artistic endeavor because the muses can appear at any time. However, thank you Mom, Ed Jicha, Mike Kimbrough, Dean Kimbrough, all the Kimbroughs, Larry Gray, John Moulder, The New Fuse, Jennifer Burkhart, all my guys in the Chi, and all the talented musicians who’ve performed with us throughout these years and beyond. This album is dedicated to loved ones recently lost - namely, my Father, Don Kimbrough, Grandmother, Madeline Frye and Aunt, Yvonne Ford. 

We hope you enjoy Wandering.