It was a traditionally freezing cold Chicago winter evening in February 2013. My beautiful fiancé, then girlfriend, and I had all the trappings of an idyllic romantic setting. A raging fire in the hearth, a blanket on the floor and two oversized glasses full of red wine provided the perfect ambience for another monumental Brent Kimbrough gaffe. And I said, “It’s just nice to have someone here”… Before realizing the unflattering nature of my remark I felt the palpable look of scorn being cast upon me. Seconds were gaining weight as the tension ripened and, not a heavy moment too soon, I recovered, “Not just anyone, but you…”. I looked up just in time to see the look of scorn I had only surmised turn into a large cheerful smile. However, we barely had a laugh together about it before I ran to the guitar and played the melody for “Not Just Anyone, But You”.